Its what I use to get them in the boat!

  • For the last few weeks this is what I have been using to put the trout and the red drum in the boat.
    My favorite set-up is the Berkley "Gulp Alive" 3" white shrimp under the Cajun Thunder rattle float. Just to let you know,,,The solid brass beads are important!

    I use the same hook you find in a DOA shrimp when I rig it under the float. If you look close,,you can see the barbs in the shank.

    When I rig the shrimp or a fluke for casting by it self,,,,I use a flutter hook like these. This works better for the red drum in the shallow water.

  • Here is the Berkley Power Bait that works good at night by its self. It has a rattle in it, its weighted, and it also glows in the dark.

    Here is one of the new for 2009 Pflueger SupremeXT freshwater reels loaded with 10lb braid that I have been using for a while now with no problems at all.
    It was also used a while back to catch amberjack offshore. Its one tuff freshwater reel!

    Pictures are copyrighted.

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