New pictures from my last few charters

  • Hi Rick
    Initially I had some difficulty getting into your web site from the hot link on your previous post - - but this link seems to work - Have you perhaps changed the server on which the site resides recently? I'm not a technician, Uwe is, but could it be that the NIC database that directs web requests to specific IP addresses hasn't been updated yet?

    Any rate, fishing. Which months of the year do you encounter the BIG Red Drum? And is it all bait fishing, or are there opportunities to target them with artificials and fly sight fishing?

    It was interesting as well to see the markings on that big Redfish on your web site. Not the classic single tail spot.

    Enjoy the Festive Season.
    Kindest regards

    Honorary Life President
    Sportfishing Club of the British Isles

  • My IP address and server has been the same for about 10 years. You are the first one that I know of that has had a problem with it. I hope there is nothing wrong with it. Hey Uwe,,can you look into that and let me know if you have a problem please. (I did change it to the address)

    The giant red drum show up in the spring (June) and are here all summer. They spawn in Oct and then go offshore for the winter.
    These fish are caught in deep water on the edge of the shipping channel and at the jettys. I have never used artificials to catch these fish, and the water is to deep for a flyrod.
    Live or cut bait is the way to go with these fish....................

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