Dave "Panama Jack" : Happy Birthday

  • Dave, old Saltlegs!!

    It´s your birthday, if I am not mistaken?!

    My very warmest wishes and personal regards on this day.

    Have a ball!

    Tight lines in prime health and prosperity this year.


    Jan Pargo


    si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses

  • Many Thanks Gentlemen! Still ageing .... disgracefully, I really can't believe I'm THAT OLD, and there're so many places I still want to go fishing!

    Currently trying to organise a trip to Louisiana, sight fishing for the large Red Drum in the shallow water marshes of the Gulf. This guide was recommended - http://www.flywaterexpeditions.com/Greg-Dini.html - but with all the successful guides they're extremely popular. Still, although it gets somewhat colder, the season when the BIG fish are present extends through the Winter into March. Coupled with that we'll obviously visit the jazz clubs in the French quarter of New Orleans and then combine it with a few days on an offshore skiff in Key West on the Florida Keys.

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