When in ROME?

  • Greetings,

    I will be in Rome & Sardinia on Wednesday through Saturday. Can I fish? What for? With who?

    I am curiously standing by and appreciate any advice.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi DoggMan,

    at first, I have to say that I haven´t fished in Italia in my life. But, of course I know the country and I visited Roma very often.

    Rome: Ok. When I was at the Army, I visited Rome for about six weeks. It is a very nice city which never sleeps. My advice is, the "Piazza Navona". Sit down in one of the plenty cafe´s and look to the people. Especially in the evening, this is a great experience. When I visited Rome at least (in February), there was a great community of young people from the whole world. A guy had a guitar in his hand and all were singing famous songs.
    Ohhh.....the prices.... That´s the dark side of Rome. Don´t wonder if you have to pay five EUR for one Cappucino :( I´ve paid for one Coke (0,2l) 6 !! EUR.

    Sardinia: I visited this Island for about eight years. It´s the "European Carribe". You have wonderful beaches (especially in the north near Olbia), very good food and friendly people. Ok, the problem is that the most people there don´t speak english.

    Fishing in Italy: Well, of course you can fish in Italy too. In the saltwater you can catch great Thuna, but this is more on the adriatic side. I heard from some people, that the caught very good in the Sardinian Waters too, but I think, the better side is the Adria.

    Oh...I don´t know, but if you like Freshwaterfishing too I have a good tip: Visit the "Po-Delta". There you can catch very big Catfish and Carp. It´s one of the best european waters for this fishes.

    Maybe, here is someone who can tell you more.....

    Best regards,

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