OK guys,,,here is another report.Sept 25,2005

  • The charters I had over the weekend were pretty good. Friday was the best with the big reds on the in coming tide out off the beach.
    They caught 7 big reds with the size any where between 29" and 39",,,Not the giants we were looking for but good fish.

    Saturday was slow. During the four hour trip they caught 3 reds that were all about the same size 39" and one shark that was every bit of 130 pounds. The guy did a great job on the rod with the battle lasting allmost an hour on 20lb tackle. I love those Pflueger Contender reels.

    Sunday was kind of a fun fishing trip for me. I took Mike Tyler from Augusta GA and my wife Eve out for the giant reds off the beach,,,,,,,,,,well, no giants were caught in about an hour so we headed back in to shem creek to get a bite to eat. After that we headed down the ICW for some smaller reds on the out going tide. I had a good feeling the fish would be there.
    The first line in the water sat there for about 1min,,,,,,bam, fish-on. We sat in the same spot for about an hour and a half had a blast. Most of the fish were between 23"- 29"
    All fish were caught on fresh cut menhaden while on the bottom in about 10 feet of water.

    Here are some pictures for you..........

    I thought I would play around with a couple of shots,,,,Watcha think guys?

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