Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December 2021 wrap-up.

  • Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December 2021 wrap-up.

    The blue marlin bite remains pretty good and there was even a 900 pounder caught this month but most of the marlin being caught right now are the smaller males averaging about 150 lbs. It's striped marlin season now but the blue marlin bite is out-pacing the striped marlin bite by far. The Spearfish came in early and now it's season for them and so far it looks like it's going to be a good one.

    There's been some ahi around along the ledges but it's hard to get them to bite. The same is true with the otaru tunas. It's bigeye tuna season now but I haven't seen any around. Mahi mahi season just ended but there are still some stragglers to be caught.

    The bottom bite has been good but only if I could get to the good fishing grounds to do that. We had several high wind days in December and that sometimes makes the seas too rough to fish in the prime areas so I'm forced to fish in less productive but calmer waters. January and February are known to be our rough water months and sometimes it's even too rough to go out at all. Some people don't mind getting pounded by the ocean all day but as a general rule, tourists prefer the calmer ride. I kind of a fan of the calm ride myself.

    See 'ya on the water ,

    Capt. Jeff Rogers ,


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