Guatemala Iztapa Fishing Report Oct 15, 2015-Great start! 20 sailfish raises & 2 marlin bite & Mahi

    Guatemala Iztapa Fishing Report Oct 15, 2015-Great start! 20 sailfish raises & 2 marlin bite & Mahi

    Generally we fish non-stop from late Oct to May in Guatemala. However, we had incredible marlin fishing July & August (known fact). One day in August seeing as many as 8 BIG blue marlin in the spread. Many over 500 lb class, some pushing 600 lbs. Attached is one we stuck and released with a tag.
    Oct 15th, 2015, we made it out for a short day with friends to test the boats. We are heading to El Salvador for a tournament which we took 4th out of 40 boats last year. We are hoping to improve our results this year.
    Back to the fishing day. We raised 20 sailfish, released 14, and went 1 or 2 on blue marlin. The blue we released was around 300 lbs, both appeared to be the same size. The best part about this bite, is it was only 15 miles! Calm seas as well. We were back by 3 pm.
    A lot of talk about how El Nino will affect fishery's in places like Guatemala. When in fact this is not the case. El Nino mostly affect southern central america, like Costa Rica, Panama and down. We have seen very steady and favorable temperatures in Guatemala. Temps ranging from 83-87, normal for sails, the cooler the better for marlin. We find that El Nino years actually promotes better fishing statistically. Maybe the migration tends to be pushed our way, we are fishing currents here, so lots of fish coming and going. No reef or sea mounds, just a billfish highway.
    More reports to come. For charter info see our webpage.
    Capt Chris Starrs
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