Mauritius september 2012

      Mauritius september 2012

      Hi the Boat Tribord caught a 649 lbs Blue on 80 lbs line . 4 day,s ago.
      And the Boat Moana 3 get a strike on 20.00 hour lost on 80lbs line a estimate Blue from 900+ lbs!! 2 day,s ago.
      Greetings Xhicor :thumbsup:
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      mauricia september 2012

      Hi yesterday a local fisherman fishing by the buoy from the BlackRiver on Tuna . A Bluemarlin surfing very close to his boat.What to do ? He have not a Bonito as life bait only a fish strip (filet)from a Bonito he gives the Marlin this and the Marlin thake it! After a heavy fight with his handline he caught the Marlin from 468 lbs!
      Keep it simple!
      Greetings Xhicor :thumbsup:
      Hi Guys the boat Moana 2 lost a Grander last week fishing in a large skool of Dolpins they got a strike from a Blue Marlin the hook lost after a heavy fight. The Fipper 7 caught a 400lbs and a 300lbs.and other boats 5 Bluemarlin about 200 to 250lbs.
      The crew from the Romolus caught with handline a TigerShark from more than 600lbs and release them.

      Good Luck !

      Hello Klaus,

      i wish, you catch this Time the Big Mama, all the best for you.

      But save one Biggie for March, than i look for them, also on the Soudan Banks.

      Have Fun, enjoy the Dream Island.

      Hey Klaus,

      please keep us informed... I am very interested in your catch results.

      I will hold my fingers crossed for you.

      I will be on paradise island for 2 weeks of fishing in January. Can´t wait until I will be there....

      Best regards

      :rolleyes: Kann denn Angeln Sünde sein?? :rolleyes:
      Today the Boat Trbord one smll Bluemarlin about 200lbs.
      The Boat Romolus thake a Yellowfin Tuna from 88lbs on a 50 lbs rod bait plastic squid for a Bonito

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