Ocean City, New Jersey Tuna July 10, 2011

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      Ocean City, New Jersey Tuna July 10, 2011

      Michael, his wife Elaine and myself made a quick run out of OCNJ yesterday. Had a few reports of bluefin pretty close by so we decided to give it a shot. Plus, the weather was supposed to be nice.

      Got out there and started looking around, put out a small spread. Didn't see much most of the morning. Then we started to see some small bait on the surface. Made some casts but it seemed this bait wasn't really being chased but rather chasing something smaller. No luck on the topwater.

      Had a nice runoff on the long rod but surprisingly it didn't stick. moved around in the same area and finally got on on a short cedar plug daisy chain. Quick fight later a baby comes on board, should be some nice tuna tartare and sushi rolls tonight :).

      We really didn't mark anything so jigging would've been fruitless. There were a lot of sharks and turtles out there, fair amount of bait but the tuna were very scattered. Heard a few guys on the radio had similar results, a couple small mahi and a wahoo were all I heard.

      Water was between 78-80, very very nice day out just not a slammer as far as fishing goes. All in all a good day!

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