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    1. Mediterranean Spearfish - Any Charter Suggestions in Italy?

      • RyanAllison1523
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    1. Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - February 2021 wrap-up.

      • Capt. Jeff Rogers
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  • Me and my fiance (from South Florida) are looking at having our honeymoon in Italy. I was looking into the Mediterranean Spearfish and was planning on booking a charter to go after one since we will be over there a couple of weeks. Does anybody have any…
  • Capt. Jeff Rogers

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – February 2021 wrap-up.

    The tourists are coming! In fact, my phone has been ringing all morning with people looking to fish. I went from not fishing for over 2 weeks to having to turn people away because I'm already booked up.…
  • Wolli

    Wrote the blog article OKUMA NEW AZORES ZXP 8000H.
    Blog Article
    Immer interessant den Rollenmarkt nach neue Modelle zu durchstöbern.
    Das Interesse bezieht sich auf Rollen neben denen der beiden "Platzhirsche". Auch andere Mütter haben hübsche Töchter.....

    Priorität muss für den Meereseinsatz gebaut sein, d.h.…
  • Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – January 2021 wrap-up.

    Just a decade ago, if someone would have suggested that one day soon there would be more snorkel and dive boats going out per day than fishing boats, they would have been laughed out of the harbor. But…
  • Black Runner

    Like (Article)
    Big Game Fischen auf Ascension ist legendär. Doch auch das Angeln vom Ufer aus kann große, pelagische Arten bringen. Hier erfahrt ihr alles was ihr rund um Ascension wissen müsst.