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    welcome in this board. Have fun and take part on our discussions.
    The photo with all the dolphins is very great.
    What is the best time to catch dolphin in Punta Cana?

    Since about twenty years, Madeira is a hot spot for the Big Game Scene.
    Thuna, Blue Marlin (with 1000lb) had been catched direct in front of the island. But the good times are past. Overfishing, natural cycles or the "El Ninjo thunder storm" were the cause, maybe other things.
    But it´s fact, that the Fishing to marlin crashed. Only 20 Marlins in a season could the 20 Big Game Boats catch.
    The best month were August and September.
    Who can tell us his experience about Madeira? ?(

    The archipelago of the Azores includes nine islands. They are about 875 miles in the West of Portugal.
    In the middle of the three groups of islands is "Faial" with his capital "Horta". In the port of Horta you can find the Big Game Boats. The season for fishing Blue Marlin is between July and Oktober. The medial weight is 500lb !
    In the summer you can catch white Marlin very good. You can have a very good fight, when you use light tackle with 30lb. Flyfishing is as well very interesting.
    With the light tackle you can catch Bluefish too. This wonderful fish you can catch about two miles before the gateway of port Horta.
    What´s your experience about the Azores?

    I thank you a lot for the helpful link about medyflyfish. It´s really a wonderful site. I wrote down the question.
    You are right, i mean the Mediterranean Sea. Sorry, tha´t my bad english :]
    But, i read a lot your (very good) postings, and i get better from day to day.
    Many greetings from munich,

    One of my favourite Big Game Fishes is the Dolphin.
    The Dolphin lives in all oceans an in the Mediteranean Sea. He lives in swarm. The male has a typical rectangular forehead, while the female has a round one.
    The Dorado (dolphin) is a very strong fighter. The fast swimmer are jumping like a marlin, and fight even in the boat.
    The dorado loves drifting wood, plants or other. His average weight is between 10-20lb.
    I love the wonderful colours of the dorado. His meat tastes fine. This fish is my star !!!

    Have you an advise for catching it? :rolleyes:

    for this detailed report about Panama. That is not only content, this report is great !!!
    I told it in the german section.....Panama was the cause for me, to build this Big Game Fishing board.
    I visited the websites, and I´m overwhelm. The Images are great and the fishing-reports very interesting.



    Original von Robalo

    The practice of commercial longline fishing is the most destructive activity on fish populations of the world`s oceans . Currently many countries are petitioning the UN to ban longline fishing on the oceans.Let us all agree that this destruction should not be allowed to continue.

    These words are very important. Off course, the big game fishing has certainly an negative effect on the fish stocks. But we can fight for banning the longlines and so we can do our (small) part for saving the fish stocks. We must do this, because we all want, that our kids can practise big game fishing too.

    the middle way is the right one. It is certainly important to do fisheries science and tag and release. But it is also important to do this with brain.
    You are right when you say "There will be a lot of fricition between fishermen...". This friction is ok. But the basis should be a sensible one.
    Many greetings from munich,

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