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    welcome in our Forum. Than I want to thank you very much for sharing this wonderful report with us. Really impressive. Good to read some messages from that wonderful fishing grounds.
    I´m looking forward to your next report.

    The best wishes from Munich,

    I suspect the journalist must have been a non-fisherperson, or perhaps even a fisherman with VERY LONG ARMS. Here's the source story -…-20101018,0,4262212.story . It appears that it was most likely a 4 FOOT - 122 centimetre - Houndfish! Um ....

    Hi Dave,
    thank you very much for solving the secret. I think this is (once again) a (in Germany we say "duck"). It means, a false story to tease a lot of readers.
    Best wishes,

    Awesome report milchner! i have a good friend who works at a dive school here in malta and holidays alot in egypt as his hobby is underwater photography & he also said how abundant the sea life is there and has some awesome pics of the fish he encountered,but i didn't know there was a big game boat outfit there..hmm,something to think about for the future!! as egypt is practically on our doorstep :D

    Thanks Martin. Well, some friends of me will try that area next year again. Unfortunately the "El Nada" is missed. Nobody knows something about the boat and the crew.

    Hi Martin,
    welcome in this forum too and thank you for your very interesting story. What popper did you use?
    I think, shore fishing is a very, very interesting kind of fishing. And how this story (and many other more) shows us, it is very successful.
    When I visited the Cape Verde Islands some years ago I saw that some of the local fishermen caught some nice fish from the shore. Unfortunately we hadn´t the time to see what species.....

    Best wishes,

    Last week big game angler Heiko Steinmetz caught again a grander blue
    marlin weighing 1024 pounds in Cape Verde Islands fishing on his private
    It's Heiko´s second grander weighed in less than one year and he
    is the first german fisherman ever who caught 2 Atlantic Blue marlin
    over the magic 1000-pound mark and there doesn´t even exist a handful
    others around the whole world who achieved that before.


    Hi guys,
    maybe you know the awesome picture of the big dorado from Panama. Unfortunately this fish wasn´t weighted. But, what´s your estimation?

    Here's some info on the bull dorado.
    Last month I was in Panama shooting an episode of Best & Worst with
    Tred, our main focus was on tuna and marlin. We were making a pass along
    the edge of the reef trolling live bonitas when we hooked a dorado
    about 30 lbs. As I recall we caught a couple more a little smaller, then
    the rod goes off and just keeps going. At first I thought it was a
    billfish then it jumped and it was obvious it was a dodo. But it was so
    far out we couldn't tell how big it was. After a few minutes I started
    to think this is not the same size as the others, then it started taking
    more line. Geez this thing pulled and when it was not taking line it
    would just lay broadside making it very tough to gain line. When I got
    it about 30ft from the boat we could see it was a big fish and it really
    didn't want to come in the boat.

    Gaffing the beast was something else, and it damn near killed the mate. I
    knew it was a big fish but didn't realise how big until the cameraman
    sent me the photos a couple of days ago. By the way the knee pads were
    for protection as the transom had no padding and was very sharp &
    painful on the knees. The whole catch will be shown on Tred's show
    sometime later this year, also will include lots of other species and
    some unbelieveable tuna feeding footage.

    I taped the fish just in case my taxadermy guy had a mold close to the
    specs, unfortunatly I didn't get an official weight on the fish as I
    didn't think it was that big at the time, and then I recieved the photo
    the other day and thought damn it's bigger than I thought. Oh well there
    must be another one just like it still out there. Thanks for the many
    kind responses and also the funny one's.

    Head width 18.5

    Leangth to inside tail fork 62.25 in



    Hallo Jan,
    diese Art ist tatsächlich traumhaft an der Angel. Ich habe gestern mit einem amerikanischen Kapitän gesprochen für den der Cubera der absolute Lieblingsfisch ist. Die Jiggen auf das Vieh und ich bin mir fast sicher, dass ein solcher Fisch auch Carsten´s Popper in Ägypten angegriffen hat. Das war auf alle Fälle die Einschätzung der Leute dort vor Ort.

    Ich drück die Daumen für den Rekord!


    @alle: Danke für euere Ausführungen. Als Anfänger auf dem Gebiet habe ich euere Tips verschlunge. Suuper!

    peter: Ich fand Deine Worte zu den Azoren und dem "alternativen Fischen" genial. Einfach klasse! Ich würde mir echt wünschen, Du eröffnest mal einen so richtig fetten thread zum Thema "Angeln auf den Azoren". Die Leute verschlingen sowas und ich auch. Ich kann Deine Worte voll und ganz bestätigen. Große Boote sind nicht der Garant für Erfolg und die Kleinen haben oft sogar mehr Know How. Für uns Angeltouris ist es leider nur sehr schwer da reinzukommen, auch wenn das Interesse noch so groß ist.


    This message I got from Al. Many thanks Al !

    Hi guys,

    since my visit on Madeira this year I have some new contacts and hope I can give you some good informations about the fishing results there.

    Let me start with a very nice Marlin from Capt. Peter Bristow. Some weeks ago they caught a nice fish with (estimated) over 950lb. Well, when you see the pictrue you will confirm that this fish is real huuuuge.

    Best wishes,

    Hi all,

    @Dave: You confirm the informations that I heard about light tackle fishing at the Azores. Of course I know that the Azores are a good spot to catach a very good Blue Marlin, but I made the experience that (after 5 days trolling without a bite) sometimes an action on light tackle can save the fishing trip ;) Since I fished at the Dominican Republic for White Marlin I know the quality of this fish on light tackle. A Blue Fish is a very interesting Fish too. But I think there are much more "Bycatch", isn´t it?

    @Jonathan: Enjoy the anticipation to your fishing week and crossed fingers for your trip. I´m really very strained about your results....

    Patudo: Thanks for the information about the Makaira. :thumbsup: Good to know that this are two boats with the same name, one in La Gomera, one at the Azores.

    Best wishes,

    In the Moment are some big Marlin arround, Dona Pi lost yesterday a 700 + on the Leader. 2 Boats are fishing in the Moment in front of San Nicolao with up to 14 strikes a day with some bigger Marlin between.

    Hi Wolfgang,

    thank you very much for the update. Seems it is a very good fishery after the main season there.

    Some more informations I heard today: "Cape Verdes (July 14) - Capt. Zak Conde got the numbers, going 4-15 on blues. Weights were 550, 450, 350 and 300."

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