Offshore report Tue Nov 8th 2005

  • Me and a buddy went out yesterday to one of the nearshore reefs. Started out catching Weakfish,,then it was Bluefish,,Black sea bass,,and then Spanish Mackerel. I cant tell you how many fish we caught there in just a few hours. We kept about 7 of the Weakfish for dinner.
    We also kept about 9 of the BIG bluefish for the next run off shore. This would be for the Kings in about 55' (About 15 miles out). We only trolled two rods at a time but It didnt take long before the kings were jumping out of the water at the blue's we had on the wire,,we had one fish jump FOUR times at the bait before he got the hooks in his mouth. Now that was a sight to see. The water was flat calm! not even any wind ripple. We ran at 35mph in my 21 foot bay boat going out and back in.

    We ended up with four Kings in the box (22-25lbs) and the 7 weakfish (1.5-2lbs).

    Here ya go,,The fish in my right hand is 25lbs.

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