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  • Hi to everybody from Boca Chica Dominican Republic.
    For those who don't know what it is - its a small tourist town on the Caribbean sea between Santo Domingo and Juan Dolio.
    On the map of the Dominican Republic you can find it exactly in the South. There aren't as many attractions as in Punta Cana, except maybe for many "chicas" walking the streets in the evening and offering a massage for just a few bucks 8o But Caribbean sea can't exist without fishing. Our fisherman's boat Ocean Super Sport 42' as well as our team loves fishing and we do it often.
    Yesterday we hosted two American guys from Santo Domingo who work there in some company with a contract, they arrived themselves from the capital. I have also brought a happy just married Polish couple from Juan Dolio who are here for their honeymoon. I don't remember exactly which resort they have been staying at exactly, by they haven't been fed up with each other yet and looked pretty happy. We had on board also my sister with my nephew, 6 y.o. We all were in great mood with one mutual desire for successful fishing!
    We left the Marina at 7:30am and set course south with a speed of 20 knots to arrive to the fishing location as early as possible. After 12 miles we checked with our Garmin and realized we have arrived so we began trolling. In 5 minutes, after all the rods have been set up and outriggers opened wide the fishing began. First Mahi Mahi was 16 pounds. It was brought to the boat easily.
    Our Captain caught the current with the Sargasso seaweed and started to take the boat more south. Next Mahi Mahi about 20 pounds fought unsuccessfully with our Penn 50 reels and were easily brought on board. It was becoming hot and we all were having fun! The anglers running from one singing line to another, speaking different languages still perfectly understood by emotions. As a result our catch was 9 Mahi Mahi and 1 Tuna, caught by the youngest angler of our team. Back in the Marina we shared the catch, part of it was cooked for us right there at the Marine restaurant and honestly to say there's nothing more delicious than fresh fish, just caught and cooked by a good chef.
    This was one of our shared charters. Tomorrow we are headed for a Private charter full day, because like I said before our boat and our crew we all love fishing! If you appear to be in the Dominican Republic close to Santo Domingo or Juan Dolio - come with us! Its great fun, its not expensive and its very safe.
    Yustas Fortuna

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