The Slaughter in Salinas

  • Once again the slaughter in Salinas continues - Capt. Allan Starr reports from there:

    "A few yrs ago I posted some photos, of dead marlin and sailfish on the
    beach in Manta, ecuador, Lots of replies , but nothing happened except
    me getting assaulted by goons hired by ???? to scare me out of manta.
    Now I am in Salinas,ecuador,wherre at one time 30 or so yrs ago, was the
    sportfishing mecca of ecuador. The fishing for Blue marlins is back and
    well, for how long is anyones guess. The last 2 weeks I have seen , at
    least 100 marlin dead on beach in salinas including a 779lb female these
    were all caught by local SPORTFISHERMAN. Including boats from salinas
    yacht club ohh and I might add that one fish caught by artesenal
    fisherman weighed over a grand. Will somebody do something please, I
    have tried and was told to mind my own business ,that the pacific was
    the biggest ocean in the world and they are not hurting anything. THEY
    JUST DO NOT GET THE PICTURE. This is the best blue marlin fishing they
    have seen in more than 20 yrs. And again history may repeat itself. I do
    not say much but to let this valuable resource get wasted is beyond me,
    the fish are being sold. for a pittance . But it makes me sick to see
    this and not be able to do anything about it,Hey billfish foundation are
    you listening, No one here seems to care. Guatemala and costa rica ,
    have laws protecting billfish"

    "More of the same this mornings dec6, got to see 1300 lb Black on the
    beach,also spoke to one sport fisherman, I use the term loosely, and he
    was proud that he killed every single billfish he caught when asked
    why?? did he sell them,nope he claims he eats them all , personally it
    is a latino mind set MACHO nothing more, also with 1300 lb black ,was
    the usual array .
    they do not get it and never will, of blues up to 500 lbs and 60 or 70
    stripeys and 0ne sailfish. They never get it and never will , it is now
    a sure thing ,mercury poison does not affect this guy. and I never got
    around to see what the longliners and driftnet guys are doing it is
    because I cannot stand it

    Something has to be done to protect this fishery!

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