Deep Jigging for Barrelfish ... for WHAT?

    Deep Jigging for Barrelfish ... for WHAT?

    I have to admit that, until I received the latest newsletter (the September 2009 edition) from Crocodile Bay Lodge I had never heard of something called a Barrelfish.

    Todd Staley in that Blog describes a 'gringo' - Bill Gibney - who's started fishing from Puerto Jimenez in a beaten up old panga accompanied by, on occasions, some of the local charter boat captains. It was on one of these expeditions that Gibney caught his first “what the heck is it.” He brought it back to the dock and none of the locals had ever seen one. Over the next month or so Gibney, Crocodile Bay captains and locals caught at least 15 of these that weighed between 15 and 35 lbs. All were caught bottom fishing and deep jigging in 225 to 300 feet of water.

    There's a - I have to say a particularly BAD - picture of two stuck in a cooler on that Blog.

    But it appears like a number of those deep water species there are closely related sub species encountered throughout the world's oceans. There another report with somewhat better pictures of some specimens caught off Florida on this link -…tempt-july-19-2009-a.html.

    So I guess if there are lessons to be learned if when deep jigging you encounter something 'strange', and literally anything can turn up, especially with changes brought about by El Nino phenomena:

    - make sure you take good pictures of the fish that will subsequently enable a positive scientific identification

    - retain the body in a freezer at the lodge

    - and make sure that the tackle you're using conforms to IGFA regulations AND of course most importantly that the line will break at or below 60kgs, 132lbs.

    Then, if everything goes to plan, there's a chance that you may be awarded an IGFA All Tackle record - great kudos for you and the boat, and lodge where you caught it from.
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    Hi Dave,

    thank you very much for that funny and very helpful suggestions :thumbsup: Well, I have a little mystery too for you and the other guys. Here is a video (the link I got from a friend today) in German language. There is a fish, caught near Brazil. Unfortunately they don´t say WHAT species it is. What do you think?

    Here is the link

    Best wishes,
    i cant check the video right now- but barrelfish are also caught in the gulf of mexico and off the NE united states in deep water. generally, deep water fish from region to region are very much the same, since the conditions at 800 or 1000ft of water are pretty similar.

    I'm surprised he caught it in such shallow water though! Most of the ones Ive seen caught were like 600+!!! super deep jigging is tiring, but fun :)