got invitation to a jigging Competition, if you want to enjoy also, just register at PINOY-ANGLERS FORUM :

    In coordination with Pinoy-Anglers Forum, Ocean Pacific Leisure, Bangus King, Fishing Buddy and Tosen Foods, we are proud to announce that the forum under the vertical jigging section will be having a jigging competition starting January 15, 2009 till December 15, 2009. In order to post your entry kindly follow the guidelines below:


    · Must be a member of Pinoy-Anglers forum
    · Tournament shall run for 11 months
    · Entries should be caught by either vertical jigging, lucanus jigging, casting jigs or squid jig. Electric reels are not allowed.
    · Biggest Fish for the entire month gets the prize for the month
    · The Biggest Fish for the year shall receive the Grand Prize
    · No line limit.
    · No gear limit.
    · Pictures of the entry should be posted on the Vertical Jigging Bragboard Section stating the following details:
    Ø Weight of the Fish
    Ø Length of the Fish
    Ø Girth of the Fish
    Ø Name of Fish
    Ø Gear Used (Rod, Reel, Line, Leader, Jig).
    Ø Location, time, and depth the fish was caught
    Ø Name of Bangkero and Boatmate
    Ø Picture of the Angler and the Fish with Jig still attached
    Ø Picture of any Newspaper stating the date the fish was caught. Post your trip at least a day before in the upcoming trip subforum.
    Ø Picture of fish with angler, bangkero, and boatmate, if any.

    · A jigger can only win once for every quarter. A jigger who already won during the quarter may still enter his catch for the Biggest Fish for the year.

    Please Observe Honesty.

    . The competition committee members are: Dulangan, Hook and Cman.

    The Prizes are as follows:

    1. February - Ryobi Ecusima 6000
    2. March - Ryobi Ecusima 6000
    3. April - Ryobi Ecusima 8000
    4. May to December - 1 Ryobi Applause 8000 each month.
    5. The Biggest fish caught on a jig for the year will get a Ryobi Safari.

    All prizes are pick-up manila. If you are living abroad or outside manila, kindly inform the committee members so they can assist you in shipping your prize.

    All members are expected to abide by the forum rules of being respectable and honorable. Any entry or angler caught cheating will be BANNED for life.


    Regards Marlin666
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