Vertical Jigging for Bluefin Tuna

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    The fishing was brilliant, but the song sticks even better!

    ... perfect day for fishing
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    Bluefin Tuna

    Tuna wrote:

    And the new technique is born...

    Um ... as you've commented, it's different! I'm absolutely amazed that they'd attack a jig like that.

    One of the only two experiences I've had of Bluefin, although they were much larger fish - in the 700lb range - was on the Princess Alice Shoals, some 75 kilometres south of the island of Faial in the Azores. We were getting bites from Blue Marlin around structure, a pinnacle that peaked in less that 40 metres of water - the surrounding structure and the banks edges were of course much, much deeper. Any rate on one pass a big Tuna popped up and took up position just outside a lure I was fishing on a flat line. But, as we trolled away from the pinnacle, he lost interest and sunk from sight. We made another pass and this time two fish came up and one, in classic Bluefin fashion, 'lit' up - just like turning on a light bulb - and charged the lure. I think it was the competition of the other fish that brought on the agressive reaction. But he 'missed' the lure by probably 1/2 a metre. Missed? Probably not. I'm absolutely convinced the fish was looking to provoke a reaction from something - a pink lure - it had never seen before.

    Any rate, several years after that, on my first trip to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic the boat I was fishing on, and another close to us, had abortive strikes on Marlin lures from what I suspect were the same school of Bluefin. Tremendous gouts of water with the number 22 elastic bands on the stinger lines being popped, but no hook-ups. (Our crewman, an Azorean, identified them as Bluefin and, although they're apparently rare in that 'part of the world' commented that some commercials he knew had very occasionally caught them whilst fishing in that part of the ocean.)

    That's my experiences and I guess from those I'd assumed that they were ultra cautious and had extremely keen eyesight. Do you Tuna fish the jigs on flurocarbon leaders?
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    I tried working the iron under the boat on 30-60m but no success. Probably the jig looked too strange for them to attack. Actually you have to provoke them really hard with chunks so they come all the way up to the boat. We were throwing them chunks until they started picking sardines from the very surface. The fish picked the jig the moment it touched the water. I could see three fishes at least under the boat at that time so they were probably competing for chunks. However, I've only caught one fish that way. It would've been just as easy or easier to catch the fish with a natural bait.
    I use Jinkai leader, 150 or 200 lbs for bluefin, blue smoked ,somehow I prefere it over the fluorocarbon. And I am not a dedicated jigger.
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