Lizenzen Kroatien 2019

    Lizenzen Kroatien 2019

    allen ein frohes neues 2019 !

    Ab sofort können Tageslizenzen wieder online gekauft werden für Kroatien . Die Jahreslizenzen wie im Vorjahr vor Ort. Der Verkauf der Jahreslizenzen startet ab morgen bis mitte/Ende Feb.
    Hier der orginal Text

    News - License for recreational fishing at sea

    We would like to inform all our existing and
    future customers that from now on it is possible to buy a license for
    recreational sea fishing via web shop. In a few clicks you can choose
    the license you want to purchase. Furthermore, with filling in personal
    information and accepting the statement at the end of the form, you will
    complete the purchase process. After the successful purchase, a
    confirmation will be sent to the given e-mail address and you instantly
    become the owner of the license. Annual licenses can be bought via
    authorized dealers for recreational licenses at sea or at Ministry of
    Agriculture-Directorate of fisheries in Zagreb and Field offices (Pula,
    Rijeka, Senj, Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik).

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