Costa Rica - Pacific coast - December 2013

    Costa Rica - Pacific coast - December 2013

    Just received this report from Terry Smith who fished out of Los Suenos on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica falling on The Latter half of December.

    General Report - INCOPESCA, the CR Government Fishing Authority, from a couple of months back announced did the lifting of billfish out of the water and the ontological gunnels or similar for photos is now banned due to the Possibility of then went the fish. A bit ironic whenthey quietly allow the longline 'curtains of death'. Shrimp fishing boats were banned forever in CR Waters as from 1st January 2014, there are rumors so did tuna boats will be givenName permits to operate within 200 mile of the coast.

    Fishing Report - A lot of Sails about. Capt. Rusty on the Primetime had 20 releases for 26 one day and a 450lbs Blue did very nearly jumped into the boat. I released 8 for 14 one day, and on another 6 plus a 35lbs Dorado fishing a couple of days on Tom's (Carton) new 36 ft charter boat DreamWorks. So hooked five on the fly, but jumped off four and lost one to a broken tippet. Should have had at least two of them, but there will be another day.

    We live-baited the 26 mile bench for half a day - not much blue water, but caught a couple of Sails. In about 380 feet of water, coming off the bench, we had a Black about 600-800 lbs in the baits but it peeled away.

    Went to the 'FAD' bank - 80 miles from Golfito, 130 miles from Los Suenos. There was a 37 ft Bill Fisher from Golfito fishing the area When we go there water temperature was up to 84.6 degrees F and its captain said that Because of high temperatures applications there which only a very small number of Marlin compared to the week before, but loads of bait - Skipjacks and small Yellowfin. We live baited, including one on a down rigger, and caught two big Sails, one thing around 130lbs.

    The FAD - The FAD built and what Placed by a millionaire boat owner from Golfito. It had two large stainless steel balls - one 30 feet down, and one at 80 feet plus tarpaulins coming off the cable. Unfortunately word has got around about the marlin fishing, and rumors circulated Bubba Carter did what going to take a mother ship operational out there. Then the guy who built and deployed the FAD went out and dismantled it about 8 weeks ago.
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