Mauritius May 2012

      Mauritius May 2012

      Hi guys today the Boat HOOKER 5 caught a Bluemarlin from 600 to 700lbs .

      Last Saturday a private small boat caught a 850lbs Bluemarlin!! And also a small private boat caught a 400lbs.

      And a local fisherman was fishing by the buoy from the Black River with a small tuna thake,s a Bluemarlin from estimate 800lbs the line is broken by jumping on the line!!

      The weather is very good wind from the west calm sea and 27 Celsius!!

      Greetings you all .

      Xhicor :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :P
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      Wunderschöner Fisch

      Hallo Klaus,

      ich habe Cor das Bild schon am 23.4. zugeschickt.

      Allerdings habe ich mich nach meinen Erfahrungen mit den Moana Booten ja nur gewundert..........
      Der Marlin war erstaunlicherweise sehr sehr kooperativ ..........

      Trotzdem ein absoluter Ausnahmefisch . Mauritius at its best, even in the Off Season !

      Beste Grüße
      Hi yesterday the Romulus caugth a 400 lbs and a 500lbs Bluemarlin .The weather is very well a flat sea and 30 celsius!! Its wintertime on Mauritius!

      Greetings Xhicor :thumbup:
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