Hi Guy,s yesterday 27 of July a local fisherman fishing in the morning by the buoy by the sugercaine factory caught a Blue Marlin from estimate 1400lbs!!!!!!

      The fisherman fishing with handline with a bait a Tuna. They weight the body in small piece,s without the head and tail and is weighting 855lbs!!!! So we think the Marlin was 1400lbs???!! Note: they cut the head with more meat for trophy for the taxidermist.

      This was a very fat old Marlin and not a nice one to see.

      On the same day.

      In the late noon a local fisherman caught a BLACK MARLIN by the buoy from the Le Morne on live bait a Tuna also with handline.

      The Body weighting without the head and tail total 318 kg!! So this marlin weighting about 1200 lbs?????!!!!!!

      Its winter/spring time on Mauritius the weather is good only at night heavy wind .

      Greetins you all .

      Xhicor :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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      Hi Jurgen I have had a Skype call with the crew from the Romulus2 they told me this grander news.

      Its was amazing the Bluemarlin its a very old fat ugly marlin and she was estimate 1400lbs !!??? The locals weight only the meat for sale.Its very shy we dont know the excact weight. Maybe a new worldrecord size?

      And the BlackMarlin was more than 1100lbs??

      Greetings Xhicor :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: