Big Game Fishing Madeira - Magic Catch Report

    Big Game Fishing Madeira - Magic Catch Report

    Dear all,

    maybe some of you noticed that my friend Robert spends his time since some days at Madeira and fishes there on the boat "Magic". Well, some days ago he sent me his first report. Sorry for my delay for publishing, but I wasn´t online two weeks.

    But now, here is the report:

    "our first half-day-try for testing brought two Tuna-Strikes. We could land one of this with good 275lb (bigeye tuna).

    Angler: Ludwig / Wireman-Gaff: Robert and Stefan

    General Catchreport: 1 Tuna lost at the Salvage, 1 Blue Marlin ca. 350 lbs. released at the Ribeira Brothers.
    Greetings, the

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    Just picked up this post from Dustin Foo (Patudo - which I seem to remember is Portuguese for BigEye Tuna) on another forum regarding Magic's latest catch:

    21/6/10: Fishing seems to have picked up as we passed the half moon. Some bigeye tuna busts have been seen and yesterday Mark Lee who skippers the MAGIC out of Calheta Marina boated a whopper of 297 lb. The big tuna was hooked on a heavy 80 lb rig but despite most of the fight taking place on over 40 lbs of drag, it still took one hour and 40 minutes to bring to the gaff. His angler was a UK salmon fisherman who had returned with his party after fishing on the MAGIC the previous year. In Mark's words, "They're salmon fishermen so they know what it's like to wait for a good fish." Congratulations to all concerned with this catch. The big summer tunas aren't easy to tempt and are always a highly prized catch. Mark told me that's the biggest tuna he's boated in Madeira and he's done well on them over the last few years with a number of fish exceeding the 200 pound mark.

    Today some blue marlin showed up and veteran Madeiran Captain Anibal Fernandes of the BALANCAL and his crew of Nick Bayntun and Claudio on the deck released one estimated at 650 lbs. With more fish being reported moving through, along with positive reports of bait concentrations to hold them, we're all hoping that our summer fishing will soon get into full swing.

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    Tuna Fishing at Madeira

    Hi Dave,

    thank you very much for the report. Today I got a mail from Robert and he told be about the fish. He told me, that fishing is good there. I´m looking forward. One week and I will meet all the guys.

    Here is the picture that Robert sent me.

    Best wishes,

    Fishing Madeira Catch report

    Capt. Peter Bristow on the Katherine B released a 900 lbs blue marlin.
    Capt. Duarte brought some luck with him.

    The last few days have seen a flurry of activity on the islands fishing grounds.
    Balancal, Margarita, Pesca Grosa, Sorted and Katherine B all scoring marlin
    releases. Grander and Magic have been in the action also, scoring with the tuna.
    The largest of these so far came to the deck of the Magic, weighing a thumping
    297lb. Great fishing is to be had right now in Madeira. What you waiting for!
    (from Balancal)
    Madeira, June 28.

    There were 3 blues caught today that I know of. Tightline released one around 500 lbs, Pesca Grossa released one around 600 lbs and on the Grander we caught and released one 350 lbs that we caught on a live bait. That's the first time we've tried live baiting over here, go figure. Tightline also pulled hooks on a bigeye tuna. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

    Capt Jonboy
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